Sound Therapy


Vibrational Sound Therapy utilizes the unique healing power of multidimensional sound vibration, created using crystal singing bowls and vocal toning along with additional specific techniques that include physical and emotional energy movement. The transformative therapies and practices available through the use of these processes help us to uncover and transcend limiting thoughts and life patterns. As a result, we are able to recognize our wholeness, acknowledge our oneness with all, and realize a renewal of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual peace and well-being.

This revolutionary energy healing technique utilizes sound waves, frequencies, and light to heal the deeper systems of the body, such as the cell, the DNA, and the energy system. Thursdays at BORN2FLY Academy, we will be hosting a group visionary sound journey. Each week is a unique them for us to experience. Please feel free to join this exceptional service provided for a suggested love donation of $33. All you will need to bring is your very own water and crystals to connect with the Sacred energies of our Medicine Wheel.



A sacred sound journey, or a “sound bath”, is a surprising and delightful 75 min meditative experience into the full spectrum of sound. While you lay down in savasana, you begin to feel a refreshing bath of acoustic vibration filling the room and your body, using planetary tuned gongs, crystal singing bowls and a wide variety of other ancient sound healing instruments.

During sound healing meditations and/or private meetings, those in attendance will be asked to lay down, close your eyes and relax. The rhythmic vibration of high-frequency sound will penetrate deeply on all levels, creating a blanket of healing energy. Guided by Spirit, Kat will express Divine messages through the Language of Light. This language is unique to each individual and is expressed through the heart, to the heart of each recipient. Allowing activation and the expansion of Unconditional Love, Compassion, and Healing on all levels, including DNA and cellular patterns.

Light therapeutic touch through the power of Reiki will also be available for those who are open to receiving. Reiki is based on the idea that health comes from the Ki flowing through and around a person, rather than the condition of the physical body. Ki is the reason why the physical organs function in a healthy way, and when the flow if Ki is blocked or disrupted, it adversely affects the body, causing the illness. Ki responds to a person’s thoughts and feelings, so positive thoughts help the Ki flow more freely through the body to contribute to improved health.

These processes are used in transformative therapies and practices Worldwide, helping us to uncover and transcend limiting life patterns and outdated thinking. In doing so, we recognize our wholeness, know our oneness with all, and realize a renewed sense of physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual peace. Using holographic technology and combining it with sound healing to transmute energy distortions in the body is an energy healing technique that will one day revolutionize the medical industry.

Slow down, Lay Back & Enjoy the Vibrations of our Universe ~

TUNING THE HUMAN BIOFIELD | Visionary Sound Journey   


This New Light Body upgrade creates a Multi-Dimensional Geometric vehicle of Gold and Diamond Light. This vehicle is composed of “Grid” levels and “Flow” levels that allow and individual to shift between the different dimensions of Light and Consciousness, while still staying grounded and centered in the Heart/Earth Star/Earth Heart Connection that is vital for life in the New Reality. This upgrade is intended to fine tune the Light Body for its new function as a Multi-Dimensional Vehicle of Light. During this Visionary Sound Journey, intense waves of Light are being transmitted from Sirius that carry the wave patterns and frequencies of the new Light Body calibrations.

As a community, we prefer to keep this process as intimate as possible, allowing emotions to flow freely in a safe and secure environment created with Love and Understanding on all levels. The more relaxed and comfortable you are, the deeper the healing can successfully penetrate cells, nervous system, DNA, releasing embedded patterns of trauma and negative energy distortions.

**PLEASE NOTE | If you intend to join our Sacred Energy Circle, we respectfully request that you remain in attendance throughout the entirety of our service. If you are running late or need to leave early, please bring awareness to this BEFORE joining our event. THANK YOU!


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HARMONIZE WITH THE ELEMENTS | Visionary Sound Journey 


In ancient times, scientists, philosophers, and Magi divided matter into four basic elements: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. It has been said that these elements are the building blocks of life.

Witches honor the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit, and their associated direction of North, East, South, West and Center in the Sacred Circles where rituals are held and spells are executed.

These five elements of Magick are crucial to understanding the various spells and entire esoteric culture surrounding Magick. Since most Magick comes from Paganism, it is no wonder that these elements weigh heavily in Magick due to their naturalistic powers. These elements are what makes the world go round and are the reason which all matter exists.

The idea is that nature and the Self are equal. The four seasons of a year can be compared to the four stages of human life; birth, growth, maturity, and death. We can utilize these five elements as dimensions of psychic and Spiritual growth.

The natural way would be to strive to achieve an equal proportion of each. Understanding the psychic energies of these elements can help us balance our lives and experience greater harmony. If you know which elements to call upon and how to connect with them, you can manage whatever life throws your way much more easily.





HARMONIZE WITH THE WHALES | Visionary Sound Journey 


Meditate to enchanting melodies united with the mysterious and heart-warming songs of the humpback whale to invoke a tranquil sense of serenity, sending you on an inward journey to the soul of our planet Earth. Whale Meditation is an excellent way to bring stillness to the mind and open the heart, making this one of a kind event perfect for community meditation, relaxation and deep connection through the art of guided sound healing.

Whales and dolphins are highly evolved spiritual beings and joining this sound meditation with them is a beautiful invitation to go deeper inside and remember who we truly are as they show us exactly what we need, expanding our awareness, and have the ability to communicate with us telepathically.

There are many Guardians and Spirit Helpers busy right now, the primary one being the Archangels and the Dolphin/Cetacean Angels.

The Dolphin Angels are Beings of Light that come from the Andromeda Galaxy via Sirius to work with the Earth. They carry the Golden Light Frequency of the Christ Consciousness, as well as the Diamond Light Frequency that is needed for Multi-Dimensional travel. They are Guardians and Masters of the Time Loops and Time Spirals that are the basis for a Mastery of Time Travel and Creation in the HIgher Frequencies. Their Loving energy is assisting Humanity to begin the Mastery of Time Travel and Higher consciousness.





HARMONIZE WITH THE UNICORNS | Visionary Sound Journey 


The Unicorn is the most magickal of all animals. They can easily shift between the invisible worlds and spiritually the unicorn symbolizes success. If you summon the power of a unicorn, the unicorn will give you the blessings of success in whatever you pursue. The meaning of the unicorn is all about opening up to infinite possibilities and that infinite possibilities surround you and really do exist, even when you cannot see them. Unicorn gives us the eye to see these unlimited possibilities and may grant us the wisdom to pursue them.

Unicorn energy is of a high vibration which removes negative energy. The mystical form of the unicorn is an archetype of purity and innocence. They are crystalline by nature and are here to assist your travel between worlds. While unicorns are still considered mythical, there’s a lot of historical evidence that they once roamed the earth as real physical animals. Unicorns help us to access and express our creative inner child, which enthusiastically sees unlimited possibilities. Many successful people have learned this ancient secret of working with unicorns for creative inspiration.

Visionary Priestess, Kat Von Greye crafted this guided sound meditation with the open heart intentions of deeply connecting you with her Unicorn Spirit Guides, you may even be granted the knowledge of their name, potentially meeting your very own Unicorn – Animal Spirit Guide. Through the use of high frequency technologies, Reiki, and activation of the Language of Light, guided by Source Creator, together we will integrate fully the pure essence of these magickal creatures.





HARMONIZE WITH THE FAERIES | Visionary Sound Journey 


The idea of calling the elements into our Sacred circles is carried over from the days when Traditionally the faeries were asked to participate in our magick. But elemental faeries are not merely the four alchemical elements of earth, air, fire, and water. We do them and ourselves a great disservice when we merely call them to witness our circles. These faeries have personality and individuality. They are fully sentient beings with feelings and rights. Think of that the next time you call them to your circle space. It will greatly enhance your experience. Elemental faeries can, and often will, aid human work, ritual, and magick if approached properly.

Visionary Priestess, Kat Von Greye has created a deeply bonded connection with the Faerie Realm and Elemental Kingdom. She will be offering a guided sound journey through the Forest of Dreams for those who feel called to connect. Please feel free to bring your very own crystals to connect with our Medicine Wheel, so they may capture the pure essence of the Faerie Realm and you to may also carry the key to their connection.

Visionary Priestess, Kat Von Greye crafted this guided sound meditation with the open heart intentions of deeply connecting you with her Elemental Spirit Guides, you may even be granted the knowledge of their name, potentially meeting your very own Faerie folk. Through the use of high frequency technologies, Reiki, and activation of the Language of Light, guided by Source Creator, together we will integrate fully the pure essence of these magickal sentient beings.





Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher, Kat Von Greye is an exceptional advice giver and Spiritual practitioner registered with the ICRT (International Center for Reiki Training). Offering guidance for those who seek awareness to how we are capable of harnessing high vibrational frequencies and anchoring them deep into the Earth’s foundation.

She will be offering guided Visionary journeys with vocal sound activations through the Language of Light in order for you to experience fully DNA and body consciousness at vibrational levels well beyond the mind’s ability to understand or interpret. Tune into the sounds of perfect pitch Crystal Sound Bowls and become fully integrated with the vibrations of Universal Light Frequencies.


Suggested $33  –  (feel free to contribute according to your natural flow of Abundance)





The external reality we experience in our daily lives is a holographic projection of consciousness or energy that is constructed through the use of thought. Because matter makes up our external reality, it is also a holographic projection of energy. This also means that our bodies are created the same way because they are made of matter. The fundamental definition of the human body is a system that is created through holographic projections of energy. The form and evolution of the human body is governed by its own morphogenetic field. This living thought form field acts like a template upon which matter is manifested. It also allows consciousness to create structure so that it can experience itself.

… A hologram is similar to a photograph but is three dimensional and multidimensional in nature. Within any point in a holographic image, no matter how small, all knowledge of the whole image is present. In other words, it has the potentiality of projecting the whole from which it emerged.

… If scientists dig deeper into the structure of DNA, they should be able to discover that DNA is the digital data imprint of the other living portions of our identities and is not bound to linear time and local space. They should also find out that DNA is the key to retrieving cellular memory because it allows our consciousness to become aware of experiences in other time continua. In other words, it can help expand our consciousness and perceptual field beyond three dimensional space. If scientists start to understand how DNA truly works, they may even one day discover that DNA is one of the key elements that create our external reality.

~ The Cosmic Believer needs the energy of the Universe in order to Survive Spiritually ~

Sound also plays an important role in healing our body, because nature uses sound to organize matter into structures and sacred geometry. In other words, sound is one of the fundamental energy forces that nature uses to create life. At the fundamental levels, the structures of our body and its performance are heavily influenced by sound. For visual evidence of how sound creates sacred geometry and life, read this empowering article titled Frequency and Vibration: How They Create the Structures of Matter and Life.

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