JANUARY 20th & 21st, 2018 at BORN2FLY Academy

✩Crafted & facilitated by Certified Hypnotherapist, Rev. Liz Love


Everything is a potential energy created. We all have the means to live an abundant and creative life with infinite – prosperity. The question is how do we create our reality? What does it take to manifest our thoughts, dreams, and desires? We all have heard the saying  “think positive and good things will come”, but then some may also say “why hasn’t this perfect life shown up already?”.

This weekend immersive will teach you just that, the missing pieces to attaining that magnificent life you dream of. Jump on this journey to unlock the Universal wisdom to transformation, and release the self-limiting beliefs that have stopped you in the past. Uncover the steps to healing fully and how to access your inner well of infinite power.

On this journey, C.H. Rev. Liz Love will embark on a recalibration of mind and soul. Offering a broader conscious awareness of your boundless self while learning to let go of ego control. We encourage you to embrace these intriguing principles and skills offered, applying them in your daily life, helping align you with a prosperous mindset while discovering how to shift your matrix reality to the perspective you desire.

During this 2 day immersive, our group will gather as you learn ways to shift in awareness, gaining techniques to implement the most beautiful abundant life desired. Be ready to enjoy activities and assignments infused with guided visualization hypnosis. Let’s go deep into the realms of the subconscious in order to shift and connect to our infinite limitless self.



VIBRATION |  YOUniverse: What are you vibrating?

ABUNDANCE |  The Steps to Abundance

TRANSFORMATION |  Heal Thyself: Trance into Transformation

UPGRADE |  Reprogram with Universal Laws

INTEGRATION |  Recalibrate & Initiate

ASCENSION |  Becoming Limitless

**Course tuition includes 4 hypnosis sessions, accountability workbook and online membership to our private forum for Manifesting An Abundant YOU**






This 2 day immersive is not just about manifestation, but really connecting with your core-self, and how to shift our perspective of Self in order to process deep healing on every level of our being. To be the change you wish to see in the world, first starts internally, and this is where the heart of our 2 day immersive will explore. The course created by C.H. Rev. Liz Love is guided by Spirit and you will experience many ‘aha moments’ and times of deep cleansing, as well as reflective time for finding solutions. We will share group exploration of many ways to manifest and unique techniques to use in order visualize your emotional vibration to enhance your abundance. With the experience of life coaching and hypnotherapy, C.H. Rev. Liz Love connects with our subconscious as well as using effective techniques to catalyze the transformation process in accordance with your own inner knowing.

This 2 day immersive will be more than a teacher/student setting, it will also provide a group ceremonial influenced setting or a sacred flow for true beauty to create from the pure hearts of all who gather. May this course help you manifest your truest potential with the untapped wisdom of your own imagination through the guidance of Spirit. There will be many techniques learned through the complete attendance of this 2 day immersive. ALL are welcome to journey with us. All stages of awakening and awareness will be discovered and each participant will gain a  deeper understanding of creation, as well as a more abundant perspective of Self and the whole.




Transpersonal Hypnotherapist or 

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*Holistic wellness practitioner, C.H. Rev Liz Love is a beloved energy of light ready to be of service to all Humanity. Her education in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Metaphysical Ministry, Usui Reiki, and life coaching gives her the opportunity to provide safe and soothing methods in order to assist rejuvenation of the mind, body, and Spirit while enhancing the overall life force of the individual.