Flight of the Hummingbird


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Flight of the Hummingbird – Intuitive Mentorship Program

✩ Spiritual Guide | Priestess – Guardian of the Munay Ki, Kat Von Greye 

This course will provide 10 weeks of One-On-One training through the Rites of Munay-Ki. Engaging in a quest for deeper, broader vision of who you truly are. Fuel your spiritual growth and transformational healing by accepting this personal invitation by Visionary Priestess, and Guardian of the Munay-Ki, Kat Von Greye. The Munay Ki Rites are intended to help you become a person of wisdom in your lifetime. Utilizing a variety of global shamanic practices to assist the pathway, you will learn the following:

Connect with the energies of the specific Rites to bring about positive change into your life

Discover a toolbox of global traditions to assist your life transformation

Become skilled in utilizing the Rites of the Munay-Ki

Become a Wisdom Keeper with knowledge to pass on should you so desire

Advance your ability to perform ritual ceremony based on shamanic practices for yourself and/or your community

Conduct a traditional fire ceremony for yourself and others

Liberate your personal and professional goals by taking control of your life

✩ Each initiate will receive a Munay-Ki guideline at the orientation of our course 

✩ Upon completion of our course, each initiate will receive their own activated Pi Stone



After years practicing self-healing techniques, I have found that the most powerful and long-lasting results from energy sessions occur when the necessary time is devoted to each person and the different modalities of healing are combined and tailored to each specific need. The key to self-transformation is the dedication and desire to engage in your own personal development and healing on all levels (Mind/Body/Spirit).

Keep in mind this training will be intense. This is YOU learning and doing the personal energy WORK that it takes to stand fully in your own unique energy and expression in this lifetime. This is YOU embracing your personal TRUTH. I Am here to simply be your guide and introduce you to the tools needed to better serve your highest purpose.

After training hundreds of people (and being a student in various energetic healing modalities) I have learned how best to help a person grow and transform, and it always comes down to one factor: INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION.

About Shamanism: Modern shamanism provides a pathway of sacred, practical action — allowing you to build inner resources and access guidance to become a positive and effective agent of change. It is a path of direct revelation. Globally practiced and known from the dawn of time. There is a synchronicity that connects us all – no matter the name we may call it by.

Shamanism is not a system of beliefs, or a philosophy, or a theory about the world. It isn’t a religion either, as usually intended. Shamanism is just the natural, immediate way of seeing the world as we all did before Western education repressed it.

Shamanism offers us a set of skills that perform certain functions that humans need to live well in this world regardless of the time we are in. However, the way that we apply these skills requires innovation and devotion. Thus what you see from me is an alchemy of skills blended to assist your pathway. For we are not the First Peoples. Not only does carte blanche appropriating their practices lack integrity, but it does not necessarily even work for us, we need to find our own pathway home to our soul calling.



The prophecies of the ancient Americas speak about this time as a period of great transformation, a time when we are called to make an extraordinary difference in the world. They foretell of a new human appearing on the planet – a person of wisdom and power who lives free of fear and abides in their eternal nature, accepting stewardship for all creation.

The Munay-Ki helps us to become instruments of peace and agents for change and transformation. As you are initiated into these Rites of passage you join a group of ordinary men and women who lead extraordinary lives – the Earthkeepers or medicine people of the Americas. As you experience the Munay-Ki, you’ll feel the presence and sense the wisdom of these luminous ones who have broken out of linear time and now dwell in infinity.

The Earthkeepers understand that when you are free of the bounds of time, the future can reach backwards like a giant hand to pull you forward to your destiny. You can be influenced by who you are becoming.

The Rites of the Munay-Ki transform and upgrade the luminous energy field. They are energetic transmissions that facilitate healing the wounds of the past – your karmic & genetic inheritance. The transmission of the Rites is like a download of updates for the necessary energetic informational upgrades of our time. They re-inform your DNA, enabling you to grow a new body – one that ages, heals, and dies differently. The Munay-Ki is your invitation to dream an entire new world into being.

As you receive the Rites of Munay-Ki, your chakras will have the opportunity to become clear and you’ll acquire what the Earthkeepers know as the rainbow body, as your chakras glow with their original radiance. Your luminous field becomes more highly organized and coherent. Your energetic capacity for processing subtle realms is expanded. The bubble of light that surrounds your physical body is upgraded and empowered with strength and integrity.

The Munay-Ki comes from a Quechua word that means ‘I love you’. The Munay-Ki are the rites of initiation to become a person of wisdom and power who has accepted the stewardship for all creation. The rites are common to all shamanic traditions, even though they are expressed in different forms and styles in various cultures. In this form, we connect with deep honor and respect to the Ancient Wisdomkeepers of the high Andes in Peru.

Since the Earthkeepers come from the future as well, they can help us to access who we’re becoming as humans 10,000 years from now. The memories from the past are available to the person who taps into that vast reservoir of knowledge that exists outside of time. The visions of the future come as possibilities, because everything in the future is still in potential form. The act of finding this desirable future installs it into our collective destiny and makes it a little bit more probable than it was before, because it has acquired another quanta of energy from these shaman’s visions. The rites are a gift from those who are outside of time and space… our ancient lineage as well as our future selves.


☩ The Rites of Munay-Ki 

✩ Rite One: Healer’s Rite
Connects you to a lineage of luminous beings from the past, who come to assist you in your personal transformation. Awakens the healing power in your hands so that everyone you touch is blessed. There is tremendous spiritual assistance available, and these luminous ones work in our sleep to heal the wounds of the past and of our ancestors. This rite opens the pathways to healing, organizes, aligns and informs your energetic support system.

✩ Rite Two: Bands of Power
Five luminous belts that are woven into the luminous energy field (LEF) for protection. They act as filters, breaking down any negative energy that comes toward the person, into one of the five elements. These energies then feed your LEF instead of making you sick. This rite powerfully strengthens and empowers your luminous energy field, bringing you an even greater capacity to engage the power of transformation. These bands are incredibly protective and nurturing – everyone should have them!

✩ Rite Three: Harmony Rite
Transmission of 7 Archetypal Energies into the Chakras. First you receive serpent, jaguar, hummingbird and eagle; next you receive three archangels: the Keeper of the Lower World (our unconscious), the Keeper of the Middle World (our waking world), and the Protector of the Upper World (our super conscious). This rite connects you with powerful archetypal allies that can assist you in coming into right relationship in every aspect of your life. These allies support and encourage the cleansing and clearing, opening and empowering of each one of your 7 chakras. Balancing and harmonizing your energetic structure and the exchanges you make in the world.

✩ Rite Four: Seer’s Rite
Extra-cerebral pathways of light are installed that connect the visual cortex with the third eye and heart chakra. This awakens the inner seer and your ability to perceive the invisible world of energy and Spirit. It clears and opens your capacity to shift the perceptions and projections you are constantly engaging.

Rite Five: Daykeeper’s Rite
You connect to a lineage of master healers from the past. Daykeepers are able to call on the ancient altars to heal and bring balance to the earth, call on the sun to rise each day, and bring humans into harmony with mother Earth. They are the midwives, herbalists and curanderas. This rite helps you begin to heal your inner feminine, step beyond fear, and practice peace.

Rite Six: Wisdomkeeper’s Rite
You connect to a lineage of luminous beings from the past and the future. This rite is associated with the snow-capped mountains, perhaps a distant memory of our ancestors from the Himalayas. This rite helps you to begin to heal your inner masculine, step outside of time, become steeped in the medicine teachings and taste infinity.

Rite Seven: Earthkeeper’s Rite
This rite connects you to the archangels that are guardians of our galaxy, stewards of all life on Earth. This rite connects you to the stars, and to the sun, our local star. It helps you learn the ways of the seer and dream the world into being.

Rite Eight: Starkeeper’s Rite
This rite connects to who you are becoming. Each of your energetic centers are aligned and informed by the highest state of your being. Your physical body begins to evolve into homo luminous, the aging process is slowed down, your DNA is re-informed, and you become more resistant to disease.

Rite Nine: Creator Rite
Awakens the Creator-light within and brings forth a sense of stewardship for all creation, from the smallest grain of sand to the largest cluster of galaxies in the universe. This rite opens your awareness of the true nature of your being and expands your capacity to co-create your experience.

Rite Thirteen: Womb Rite
The feminine spirit of the jungle reminds us of this simple and vital truth:
The womb is not a place to store fear and pain; the womb is to create and give birth to life.
This lineage of women through the jungle medicine have given us the 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki: The Rite of the Womb. Once you receive it you share it with as many women as possible.

“The Munay-Ki is your invitation to dream an entire new world into being.”

(Alberto Villoldo, Founder)



Your host for the transmission of the Munay-ki Rites will be Visionary Priestess, Kat Von Greye. Kat has been initiated into the ancient Inca lineage of Earthkeepers and Lightbody healers directly transmitted by the Q’ero shamans from the high Andes in Peru. The Q’ero are known as “Children of the Sun” and have been the guardians of ancient knowledge of the inner worlds and the energetic realms for many hundreds, even thousands, of years. Kat has studied and journeyed with many great shamanic teachers and is dedicated to teaching others to connect deeply with their highest destinies.

While enrolled in Flight of the Hummingbird you will receive 10 bi-weekly student sessions with me personally. Specializing in cord cutting, shield creation, energy empowerment and emphasis on Shadow Work. Together we will venture deep into our caverns and reveal the hidden diamonds that have been covered in the mud for way too long. With complete surrender to the process, guided by Source Creator, and the Ancient Lineage of Munay-Ki, we will activate universal lightcodes and re-awaken dormant DNA. Clearing your channel to bring forth New Light for our planet Earth through your own personal transformation and Soul healing.

In addition to that, I will also be providing Energetic Tune-Ups! Energetic Tune-Ups are generated for us to take a look at your psychic tools and your gifted Rite for that current week (1-13 Rites of Munay-Ki), see how you’re integrating, and answer any questions you may have. Energetic Tune-Ups are an excellent tool and they help keep the energy moving and clear so you don’t get stuck, lost or stagnant, it is also a great way to hold self accountability!

This education will be heavily focused on energetic tools, but it will also highlight physical practices in order to help anchor the energy shifts deep within the body on all levels. You will be creating your own Book of Light during this course as well. Your Book of Light will be a Sacred journal to write your energy techniques, your personal spells, physical practices, rituals, meditations, visions and more. I’ve found this to be an incredible and creative way to learn and retain information.


**Please understand that shamanism is a path direct revelation and I utilize aspects from many shamanic traditions globally to assist the seeding of these Rites. Spiritual guidance and energy work are not a substitute for traditional Medical treatment, if you have a serious health imbalance please see a Doctor and/or other appropriate professionals, and make Spiritual transformation part of a complete health care program.

My primary efforts are directed to helping others discover, acquire and activate their own intuitive abilities in order to transform themselves and others, to commune with Spirit directly, and to assist with Earth Ascension; Thoughts are Prayers, and all prayers are answered, may your thoughts accept you as worthy of wellness, abundance, peace, and happiness.


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