Wednesday Night Meditation

Wednesday Night Meditation

First Unity Spiritual Campus

time 6:00 pm

Every Wednesday from

January 4, 2017

Join us at First Unity Spiritual Campus, for a Magickal guided meditation. Relax, Unwind, Let Go, Release to the tones of transformative sound-healing instruments and a peaceful, guided journey through time and space. This service is provided EVERY WEDNESDAY evening at 6pm. Each week we have Energy Practitioners volunteering their services, for those who wish to receive these one-on-one energy attunements. LOVE DONATION is appreciated.


First Unity Spiritual Campus
460 46th Avenue North | Saint Petersburg, FL

Volunteer Energy Practitioners led by | Kat Von Greye


Energy Practitioners who wish to volunteer services; we encourage you to meet at 5:30pm to practice energy building exercises and generate the flow for our congregation TOGETHER as ONE.

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