Wednesday Night Meditation

Wednesday Night Meditation

First Unity Spiritual Campus

time 6:00 pm

January 3, 2018

Join us at First Unity Spiritual Campus, for a Magickal guided meditation. Relax, Unwind, Let Go, Release to the tones of transformative sound healing instruments and a peaceful, guided journey through time and space. This service is provided EVERY WEDNESDAY evening at 6pm. A one-hour Guided Meditation, focusing on relaxing the body, promoting stress reduction, allowing energetic healing of the body. These guided imagery meditations take you thru a series of visualizations to first relax your body-mind and bring you to a receptive state. We then go through a period of releasing the energy which is no longer needed – as we welcome in new and nurturing images that invite whatever it is that you feel you may need to bring you to a place of wholeness and relaxation.


First Unity Spiritual Campus
460 46th Avenue North | Saint Petersburg, FL

Volunteer Energy Practitioners led by | Kat Von Greye


Each week we have professional Energy Practitioners volunteering their services for those who wish to receive a one-on-one energy attunement. In order to express value and appreciation for this wonderful service, we suggest a proper Energy Exchange of $10, with all proceeds going to benefit First Unity Spiritual Campus.

Energy Practitioners who wish to volunteer services; we encourage you to meet at 5:30pm to practice energy building exercises and generate the flow for our congregation TOGETHER as ONE.


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