Voyage to Infinity | Shamanic Journey

Voyage to Infinity | Shamanic Journey

Grassroots Kava House

time 7:00 pm

October 17, 2017

GRASSROOTS KAVA HOUSE | 957 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33705

Close your eyes as we prepare for a deep inward journey through time and space, guided by Master Energy Practitioners, Kat Von Greye & Johnny Gomez. Welcome downloads of Unconditional LOVE & Holy Spirit through the Language of Light, ThetaHealing® techniques, Reiki and Vibrational Sound Therapy.

Vibrational Sound Therapy utilizes the unique healing power of multidimensional sound vibration, created using crystal singing bowls and vocal toning along with additional specific techniques that include physical and emotional energy movement. The transformative therapies and practices available through the use of these processes help us to uncover and transcend limiting thoughts and life patterns. As a result, we are able to recognize our wholeness, acknowledge our oneness with all, and realize a renewal of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual peace and well-being.

This revolutionary energy healing technique utilizes sound waves, frequencies, and light to heal the deeper systems of the body, such as the cell, the DNA, and the energy system.

A sacred sound journey, or a “sound bath”, is a surprising and delightful 75 min meditative experience into the full spectrum of sound.

While you lay down in savasana, you begin to feel a refreshing bath of acoustic vibration filling the room and your body, using planetary tuned gongs, crystal singing bowls and a wide variety of other ancient sound-healing instruments. Please bring with you a yoga mat | water | pillow & blanket***

~ The Cosmic Believer needs the energy of the Universe in order to Survive Spiritually ~

During this sound healing meditation, those in attendance will be asked to lay down, close your eyes and relax. The rhythmic vibration of high-frequency sound will penetrate deeply on all levels, creating a blanket of healing energy. Guided by Spirit, Johnny Gomez will download feelings of Unconditional Love for each participant, as Kat Von Greye expresses Divine messages through the Language of Light. This language is unique to each individual and is expressed through the heart, to the heart of each recipient. Allowing activation and the expansion of Unconditional Love, Compassion, and healing on all levels, including DNA and cellular patterns.

Light therapeutic touch through the power of Reiki will also be available for those in attendance. Reiki is based on the idea that health comes from the Ki flowing through and around a person, rather than the condition of the physical body. Ki is the reason why the physical organs function in a healthy way, and when the flow if Ki is blocked or disrupted, it adversely affects the body, causing the illness. Ki responds to a person’s thoughts and feelings, so positive thoughts help the Ki flow more freely through the body to contribute to improved health.

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At this event, we encourage:


These processes are used in transformative therapies and practices Worldwide, helping us to uncover and transcend limiting life patterns and outdated thinking. In doing so, we recognize our wholeness, know our oneness with all, and realize a renewed sense of physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual peace. Using holographic technology and combining it with sound healing to transmute energy distortions in the body is an energy healing technique that will one day revolutionize the medical industry.

RSVP by contacting | $33 Suggested Donation  – Please feel free to donate less or more depending on your financial flow of Abundance ♥ XO

Master Energy Practitioners, Johnny Gomez & Kat Von Greye will be fully present during this sound healing event. They will be offering energetic attunement to the most-high Holy Light, directed through their I Am Presence. Please feel free to connect deeply with both Kat & Johnny. They are each dedicated Shadow/Light workers who solely share genuine Unconditional Love through the 3-Fold Flame of their Heart.

**This special event is in high demand. Space fills up very quickly. Please be sure to RSVP by email. Arrive early day of event prepared with your own WATER | YOGA MAT | PILLOW | BLANKET.

GRASSROOTS KAVA HOUSE | 957 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33705

As a community, we prefer to keep this process as intimate as possible, allowing emotions to flow freely in a safe and secure environment created with Love and Understanding on all levels. The more relaxed and comfortable you are, the deeper the healing can successfully penetrate cells, nervous system, DNA, releasing embedded patterns of trauma and negative energy distortions.

**PLEASE NOTE | If you intend to join our Sacred Energy Circle, we respectfully request that you remain in attendance throughout the entirety of our service. If you are running late or need to leave early, please bring awareness to this BEFORE joining our event. THANK YOU!

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