WEEK 3 | Trance Into Transformation

WEEK 3 | Trance Into Transformation

BORN2FLY Academy

time 7:00 pm

February 5, 2018

awakeningTrance Into Transformation | C.H. Rev. Liz Love | $33 Drop-in Rate

“Know thyself. Love thyself. Heal thyself”

Week 3 – Manifest An Abundant You


We naturally move through altered states of consciousness throughout the day. Well, what if we knew how to tap in during the right times to naturally work with your intuit to heal and create change? We do have the ability to heal ourselves and it starts from within first and our perceptions of self. In this third-week class of Manifest An Abundant You, C.H. Rev. Liz Love will share wonderful tools and techniques on how to do self-hypnosis. You will gain a better understanding of what hypnotherapy is and some benefiting tips on how to attain self-mastery and wholeness with the use of breathwork, visualization, and mindfulness.

May this third-week class be what you are looking for in the teachings of deep healing all that is connected mind, body, and spirit. Healing begins with forgiveness, and an awareness of the limitations in conjunction with humbleness to accept what is and what once was, gaining the courage to free yourself from it in the NOW. Come to a place of complete meditative trance to figure out where the seeds of the pain are in order to let it go, and become open to healing on a quantum level. May these moments we share in this third-week class build a connection to self through meditative trance guided by C.H. Rev. Liz Love helping separate and heal those broken pieces or old programming. Bear witness to your true essence emerging and detoxifying what is unnecessary from all level of your personal vibration.

These are the moments to help release you from what holds you back. This third-week class is about helping release old subconscious programs and limitations through the guidance of unconditional love and hypnotic trance. The ultimate decision is yours to make, are you willing to make the change? Inspiring and epic, this beautiful class is also filled with techniques to apply at home reinforcing the healing process, and the separation of self and ego. This in turn, will open your vibration matrix to more clarity on where to journey next on your life’s path.

Afterward, experience a relaxing guided visualization with C.H. Rev. Liz Love as she guides us along a beautiful transcendental journey into transformation. We will be focusing on letting go of any blockages that may be stopping us from attaining the goals we desire. This will be a very soothing experience with music and invocation of Spirit infused with Divine light and wisdom.

Come prepared with a journal to write this wonderful knowledge down, as well and open minds to experience the guided hypnosis.

“All things are possible. Who you are is limited by who you think you are”

–Egyptian Book of Dead


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