COSMIC SOUNDWAVE | Lightcode Activation

COSMIC SOUNDWAVE | Lightcode Activation


time 7:00 pm

July 22, 2017

Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher, Kat Von Greye, along with Cosmic Energy Practitioners, Rev. Dr. Gary LangstonBuffy LaRoux, and Johnny Gomez will be facilitating a hands-on healing performance of tribal dancing, percussion, and invocation of the Holy Spirit. During this performance, each person in attendance will receive hands-on healing, balancing, and clearing of their Energetic System, as well as light body movement in order to receive and integrate high-frequency light code.

Slow down, Lay Back & Enjoy the Vibrations of our Universe ~

From etheric vocals and synthesizers to earth rumbling drums, the Cosmic Soundwave Lightcode Activation is a multi-sensory experience that heightens all the pleasure centers. Original music created and performed by St. Pete’s electronic artists KOSMS – Digital Shaman. Vocal toning channeled through Kat Von Greye, along with Cosmic Energy Practitioners, Rev. Dr. Gary LangstonBuffy LaRoux, and Johnny Gomez.

Sacred Altar created by special guest Crystal Skull “Metatron” and his guardian care-takers Mrs. Carol Rydell and Rev. Dr. Gary Langston.

Ticket Price: $33 Advanced | $44 Day of event

Rev. Dr. Gary Langston (Red Bear Sees All Worlds) has been studying and practicing shamanic arts with indigenous teachers in both North and South America since 1994. He serves locally and internationally as a guide, master teacher, gifted ceremonialist, a channel of healing, speaker, mentor, minister, and friend.  He holds a Doctorate of Divinity in Metaphysics and Spirituality and has been called upon by his own tribe of the Northern Cherokee as a medicine man. Rev. Gary is the sacred caretaker of the crystal skull known as Metatron. In loving service, he is committed to bringing Metatron out into the world to share the healing and awakening mystical crystal codes with as many people as possible.

*Rev. Dr. Gary Langston is available for private sessions on SUNDAY/MONDAY, JULY 23rd/24th. Please email or call to schedule |

Please bring your very own yoga mat or cushion. Attendees will begin with guided movement and body flow, then be transitioned into a lying down or resting in seated position. This sound healing performance and meditation is intended to awaken our Soul’s blueprint, lifting our consciousness to heightened states of awareness for approximately 90 mins. Kat Von Greye, along with Cosmic Energy Practitioners, Rev. Dr. Gary LangstonBuffy LaRoux, and Johnny Gomez will be channeling Light Language. At times this may seem odd, our most valuable suggestion for those who wish to attend; let go of fear, judgment, resistance and preconceived notions. This will be an exceptional event. All are welcome to JOIN US.

Shamanic Drumming provided by Don Cooper

Special Guest Performance by KOSMS – Digital Shaman

Guest Energy Practitioners: Rev. Dr. Gary LangstonBuffy LaRoux & Johnny Gomez

Ticket Price: $33 Advanced | $44 Day of event

*Please Note | we do not provide refunds. This event is a Sacred Ceremony and will be well attended, it is up to YOU to be on time. Doors open at 6:30pm. Seating is first come, first serve. When you arrive late or you are unable to attend, we will honor you with a credit towards our next Cosmic Soundwave | Lightcode Activation | Scheduled quarterly*

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This event is created and organized by Kat Von Greye, who is an exceptional channel. Combining the forces of Crystal Vibration and Karuna Reiki® Mastership, creating an amplified connection of Love, Compassion, and Understanding of Universal Light Frequencies. Utilizing her specialized knowledge of connecting the 12 Rays of Light through Diamond Consciousness with the assistance of the Crystal Kingdom and Angelic Realm, Kat is a powerhouse of healing energy.

“There has been struggle, darkness, and pain. I have gained great knowledge through my experiences, having fought many battles and winning them all. Here I Am, ready for you, ready for anything that crosses my path. Whether it be light or dark, I Am here to help you, to hold your hand and show you the way. Whichever path you may choose to take, let’s work together to shed old skin and cleanse your energetic system.”     –Kat Von Greye

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