Private Sessions | Gary Langston & Crystal Skull METATRON

Private Sessions | Gary Langston & Crystal Skull METATRON


time 11:00 am

July 23, 2017


July 24, 2017


Rev. Dr. Gary Langston (Red Bear Sees All Worlds) has been studying and practicing shamanic arts with indigenous teachers in both North and South America since 1994. He serves locally and internationally as a guide, master teacher, gifted ceremonialist, channel of healing, speaker, mentor, minister and friend.  He holds a Doctorate of Divinity in Metaphysics and Spirituality and has been called upon by his own tribe of the Northern Cherokee as medicine man. Gary is the sacred caretaker of the crystal skull known as Metatron. In loving service he is committed to bringing Metatron out into the world to share the healing and awakening mystical crystal codes with as many people as possible.




We encourage you to schedule a private session with Gary Langston (Red Bear Who Sees All Worlds) and the incredibly pristine, high-frequency crystal skull known as Metatron. Upon activating the dynamic energies within Metatron, Red Bear will connect these energies and your soul together. He will open a channel that will facilitate the transmission of the crystalline codes that are of the highest level of cosmic wisdom and healing for you at this time. Receive deep healing within this crystalline field of awakening.

What to bring;
You are encouraged to come to your appointment with a specific intention or question for your session. Realize that these may change upon entering the healing space. You may also wish to bring your own sacred objects, jewelry items or personal crystal/skull that can be placed with Metatron, so that they too may receive the ancient wisdom that will be activated through this magnificent healing process. There is a $25 (non-refundable) deposit at the time of scheduling, with a fee of $100 (cash only) due at the time of appointment. Sessions are for 90-minutes.
(Total investment $125)

This exquisitely loving, high-frequency citrine crystal skull was carved by the Brazilian master carver, Geraldo Leandro de Souza. It was originally commissioned by Mayan High Priestess, Barbara Criswell in Kansas City for the purpose of serving in a client’s sacred temple in Columbia, Missouri with 12 other skulls. The owner of the temple died and the skull returned to High Priestess Barbara. During a visit with her in November, 2014, she recognized Gary and Carol as the keepers of this sacred skull. They were entrusted with the crystal skull so that it could to go out into the world to be of service. Its service is to elevate consciousness and provide healing in the world ~ for both individuals as well as communities. Since that time, they have been traveling internationally providing ceremonial opportunities to be with Metatron’s transmissions of cosmic codes of awakening, healing and deep remembering.


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