HARMONIZE with the Whales

HARMONIZE with the Whales

BORN2FLY Academy

time 7:00 pm

June 21, 2018


facilitated by Advanced DNA ThetaHealing® Practitioner, Kat Von Greye


Meditate to enchanting melodies united with the mysterious and heart-warming songs of the humpback whale to invoke a tranquil sense of serenity, sending you on an inward journey to the soul of our planet Earth. Whale Meditation is an excellent way to bring stillness to the mind and open the heart, making this one of a kind event perfect for community meditation, relaxation and deep connection through the art of guided sound healing.

Whales and dolphins are highly evolved spiritual beings and joining this sound meditation with them is a beautiful invitation to go deeper inside and remember who we truly are as they show us exactly what we need, expanding our awareness, and have the ability to communicate with us telepathically.

The whales and dolphins let us connect to the sacred space in our heart, where we are able to embrace all that is allowing transformation to happen and honor the divine wisdom we all carry within. Longing to live a life in gratitude for the lessons we chose to learn in this incarnation challenges us to invite all aspects of our being in each present moment and consciously meet our shadow sides, as ‘so outside, so within. By forgiving ourselves for the belief systems we created out of our deepest fears we are being reborn into the light, standing for our highest truth and holding the space for others.

We invite YOU to join us on this heart opening inner journey…


During this sound healing meditation, those in attendance will be asked to lay down, close your eyes and relax. The rhythmic vibration of high-frequency sound will penetrate deeply on all levels, creating a blanket of healing energy. Guided by Spirit, Kat Von Greye will express Divine messages through the Language of Light. This language is unique to each individual and is expressed through the heart, to the heart of each recipient. Allowing activation and the expansion of Unconditional Love, Compassion, and healing on all levels, including DNA and cellular patterns.

There are many Guardians and Spirit Helpers busy right now, the primary one being the Archangels and the Dolphin/Cetacean Angels.

The Dolphin Angels are Beings of Light that come from the Andromeda Galaxy via Sirius to work with the Earth. They carry the Golden Light Frequency of the Christ Consciousness, as well as the Diamond Light Frequency that is needed for Multi-Dimensional travel. They are Guardians and Masters of the Time Loops and Time Spirals that are the basis for a Mastery of Time Travel and Creation in the HIgher Frequencies. Their Loving energy is assisting Humanity to begin the Mastery of Time Travel and Higher consciousness.


RSVP by contacting Info@BORN2FLYacademy.com | $33 Suggested Donation


The song of the whale is one of the most profound healing sounds of all. When the song is felt inside of you, its vibration will resonate like a sonic filter for your consciousness, cleaning, clearing, and making space for expanded awareness. It attunes you to the song of the spheres, that which is divine. It is also through sound that the whale–ancient being that it is–has become known as the Earth’s record keeper. It is believed that the song of the whales carries our planetary memories and tonal signature.

Mournful, high pitched, and deep, the whale song enters through your heart and spreads throughout your body. There is amazing healing power in this song, providing a way to connect with all consciousness. During our sound healing event, you will notice how you can get enfolded in this mesmerizing vibration. Release yourself completely and get lost in the song. Even sight vanishes within this feeling.

Once you start vibrating to this sound, you understand your connection to the entire creation. This knowledge brings with it a great feeling of peace that can enhance your healing of yourself, each other, and the world. Once you vibrate with this song, it never leaves you. You are tuned, and you can always enter the song, for it is the song of the universe.




This special event is in high demand. Space fills up very quickly. Please be sure to RSVP by email. Arrive early day of event prepared with your own WATER & BLANKET.

As a community, we prefer to keep this process as intimate as possible, allowing emotions to flow freely in a safe and secure environment created with Love and Understanding on all levels. The more relaxed and comfortable you are, the deeper the healing can successfully penetrate cells, nervous system, DNA, releasing embedded patterns of trauma and negative energy distortions.

**PLEASE NOTE | If you intend to join our Sacred Energy Circle, we respectfully request that you remain in attendance throughout the entirety of our service. If you are running late or need to leave early, please bring awareness to this BEFORE joining our event. THANK YOU!