Creating Your Sacred Temple

Creating Your Sacred Temple

BORN2FLY Academy

time 7:00 pm

March 29, 2018

Altar Creation & Sacred Prayer Ritual


Have you been feeling called to create a temple space for Sacred Prayer and Focused Intentions? Have you been having difficulties and would really love some guidance on how to create a balanced and unified altar?

We welcome YOU to the world of Magick & Ritual as Kat Von Greye – Founder of Born2fly Academy will be facilitating an Altar Building Workshop and Manifestation Ritual.

Spirituality is ultimately a collection of magical moments that make life worth living, the potent memories that last for decades, the peak experiences that challenge and evolve our current worldviews. The mystic, by collecting and analyzing anecdotes of their own magical experiences, is not seeking what is true, only what is useful in contributing to their development as a powerfully awake, compassionately wise, and joyously creative human Be-ing.




In this workshop, together we will prepare a Sacred Altar for you with an exceptional array of elemental totems and magical objects set to focus our intention through prayer and ritual. The key to developing an independent spiritual practice is to develop a set of tools and methods that allow one to rise to meet those magical experiences without being overwhelmed by them.

How can we more effectively invite magical experiences into our lives and how do we make good use of them, make them into a source of growth and healing, make them into fuel for our gift-giving?

We can invite magic into our lives through ritual, a set or sets of actions whose deliberate repetition at specific and significant intervals act as small signposts and crude maps that trace the contours of vastly larger and more intricately detailed territories of time and space. A ritual is an apprehendable microcosm of an inscrutable macrocosm.

Also during this workshop, together we will lead a glorious invocation of the Holy Spirit. Calling forth the winds of change, aligning us truly with the highest aspect of our Self. Through the power of pure intention, immaculate healing and manifestation will unfold according to the Divine Will of God. Miraculously transforming our collective dreams into manifest reality.


  • Sacred Object to represent each element –
    • Earth | Air | Fire | Water | Spirit
  • Sacred Object to represent Divine Masculine –
    • Deer Horn | Male Figurine or Statue | Athame | Gold | Sun
  • Sacred Object to represent Divine Feminine –
    • Flowers | Female Figurine or Statue | Chalice | Silver | Moon
  • Sacred Object to represent 4 Winds –
    • Eagle | Snake | Jaguar | Hummingbird
  • Crystals | Incense | Sage | Palo Santo | Copal
  • Wishes | Dreams & Unconditional LOVE

Service begins promptly at  7pm – DONATIONS APPRECIATED

RSVP by contacting | $33 Suggested Donation – Please feel free to donate less or more according to your natural flow of Abundance ♥ XO




Luminous Visionary Priestess

Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher

Basic DNA ThetaHealing® Practitioner


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