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Founded by Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher, Kat Von Greye. The BORN2FLYtribe is a Community who firmly believes in Spiritual Unity.... Come journey with us. At BORN2FLY we teach you to FIRST.LOVE.YOURSELF !!

BORN2FLY Academy has a wide range of opportunity for growth and new understanding as a developing lightworker and/or empath. Offering energy empowerment workshops, Reiki share, meditation, practitioner certification classes and private mentorship.

Founder | Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher, Kat Von Greye is an exceptional advice giver and Spiritual practitioner registered with the ICRT (International Center for Reiki Training) and THINK (ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge). Offering guidance for those who seek awareness to how we are capable of harnessing high vibrational frequencies and anchoring them deep into the Earth’s foundation. Working together with the collective in order to expand Global Enlightenment. Kat Von Greye has created a safe-haven for all those who feel guided to join us at BORN2FLY Academy, where you will find comfort and kinship with like-minded people.

Kat has been initiated into the ancient Inca lineage of Earthkeepers and Lightbody healers directly transmitted by the Q’ero shamans from the high Andes in Peru. The Q’ero are known as “Children of the Sun” and have been the guardians of ancient knowledge of the inner worlds and the energetic realms for many hundreds, even thousands, of years. Kat has studied and journeyed with many great shamanic teachers and is dedicated to teaching others to connect deeply with their highest destinies.

As an instructor, Kat is a well-rounded educator with high-level conscious knowledge of Universal Healing Techniques. At BORN2FLY Academy, she offers guidance into developing your intuitive abilities in order to gain professional status as a certified Energy Practitioner. Whether you are simply beginning your search for higher awareness or you find yourself guided to expand your current abilities as an intuitive, lightworker/empath or medium, we have many instinctive courses to offer you.

After years practicing self-healing techniques, Kat Von Greye has found that the most powerful and long-lasting results from sessions occur when the necessary time is devoted to each person and the different modalities of healing are combined and tailored to each specific need. The key to self-transformation is the dedication and desire to engage in your own personal development and healing on all levels (Mind/Body/Spirit).

“There has been struggle, darkness and pain. I have gained great knowledge through my experiences, having fought many battles and winning them all. Here I Am, ready for you, ready for anything that crosses my path. Whether it be light or dark, I Am here to help you, to hold your hand and show you the way. Whichever path you may choose to take, let’s work together to shed old skin and cleanse your energetic system.”


Heal thy Healer | Instructional Share

February 24, 2019 5:00 pm

Please RSVP by email | | $33 Suggested Donation

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At BORN2FLY Academy, it is our mission to serve as a healing resource and support for all Be-ings who are on the spiritual path. We unite fellow healers, teachers, lightworkers and warriors of LOVE who desire to help themselves, other people, all living creatures, and the planet Earth. Also offering an online resource library for intuitive education, our website contains many listings that you will find highly valuable as you develop a new understanding of your Divine Gifts.

Did you know the Spiritual Path does NOT need to be walked alone ??


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